Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Black Sabbath album plans

Black Sabbath have revealed that a new album could well be out next year.

"We've written about 15 songs so far, whether they'll get on an album I don't know," Ozzy told NME in a recent interview. "I was trying to work out where would we be now musically if we'd have stayed together?"

Ozzy also hinted that the album, if it is made, would be released next year. "Next year, '2013', is a good clue of what we'll call the album."

Guitarist Tony Iommi also took the opportunity to speak about the band's dynamic.
"We've had ups and downs over the years, even feuds, and this that and the other. But it all sorts out, the friendship never goes away, whatever's going on. If we're suing each other, we're still friends. It's weird...this band is really strange like that."

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