Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Ronnie James Dio Special

Two year ago today the world lost a musical legend as Ronnie James Dio lost his battle to stomach cancer, aged 67.

To commemorate the life and works of Ronnie, we give you our top ten songs that he gave to us.

1. Dio - Rainbow In The Dark

2. Rainbow - Run With The Wolf

3. Dio - Holy Diver

4. Rainbow - Starstruck

5. Black Sabbath - Voodoo

6. Heaven And Hell - Neon Knights

7. Black Sabbath - Sign Of The Southern Cross

8. Dio - Stand Up And Shout

9. Dio - Killing The Dragon

10. Dio - Breathless

We don't think we need to explain our choices. They are Dio masterpieces and they are testament to the power and talent of a true rock god. R.I.P

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