Thursday, 31 May 2012

Black Sabbath Update

It's time for a brief update on Black Sabbath.

The band's string of reunion shows has recently kicked off and the band have already discussed how they are finding everything so far.

"Every time we get back together it's like we've never been apart," Geezer Butler told Kerrang! magazine. "Time doesn't seem to exist. We talk about old times. Ozzy's always telling jokes, pissing about."

He went on to say "Ozzy's really enthusiastic, it's great to see him like that. I haven't seen him like that for a long time. He really wants to do it, and we're all the same. And that's such a great attitude."

Ozzy also chipped in, revealing that he prefers more intimate shows to festivals.

"At festivals the audience are eight fucking miles away! You're there going 'Is anybody out there?'"

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