Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Eatmewhileimhot: Mushroom Album Review

Mushroom is the 10-track second album by experimental post-hardcore outfit Eatmewhileimhot and it says a lot about the musical abilities of all those in the band...but sadly it doesn't say a lot else.

Eatmewhileimhot, for those who aren't aware, are a band from Missouri and consist of members of Never Shout Never. Anybody familiar with that band will know that it is driven primarily by talented musician Christofer Drew, a musician who doesn't seem quite clear of which musical path he wants to follow.
Currently Drew is involved with his main project, the pop-rock styled Never Shout Never, as well as Eatmewhileimhot and his experimental psychedelic-dance project GONZO. Although Drew has this wide range of musical genres under his belt, this appears to simply be a double-edged sword.

The album starts relatively messily, with 'Damn Straight' and 'Anti-Venom' sounding like they've come straight from Bring Me The Horizon jam sessions, rehearsals and sound-checks. The only thing that makes these two songs, particularly 'Anti-Venom', stand apart from Bring Me The Horizon tracks is that they are more melodic..and a lot messier.

After the messy start, it appears that the band have started to slowly pull themselves together. 'Demons', shows that the band could do quite well if they focused on the music more. However, as is the main problem with the entire album, the band seem more than happy to throw unnecessary sections and sounds in and to spontaneously change the sound of the song.

'Gods Of Metal' and 'Judgement' are the closest that the band gets to refined metal songs on the entire album. Both songs show strong signs of better things to come, but are not refined enough to save the album.
'Gods Of Metal' in particular sounds like the band combined two different songs together in the studio to make the final version of the track. This not only gives a feeling of lacking to the song but the awkwardness in which the, essentially, patchwork track fits together doesn't provide the best listening for the audience.
'Judgement' on the other hand sounds like the most complete metal song on the album, but still sounds unrefined.

The title track for the album is, without question, one of the finer songs on the entire album. 'Mushroom' sounds complete and, unlike the album that shares its name, it goes somewhere. What's curious though is that this isn't really a metal song - it's more in the same vein of bands like Steel Panther. It is arguably the best song on the album and reinforces the idea that Chris Drew doesn't fit too comfortably into the metal scene.

'Rock 'n' Roll', as the name suggests, leans more towards rock & roll than metal. However, the experimental side of the band shines once again on this track and there is several points during the track in which the band add a metal touch. However, unlike most other experimental moments on the album, this one doesn't end too badly. It does fit. It's not the best fit in the world but it works quite well. It's not enough to save the album but it is enough to pique your interest for three minutes.

This album is not the worst attempt at metal in the world, as it is by no means unlistenable. But it is average at best. This album just serves as proof that Chris Drew isn't quite as multi-talented as he'd like to be - and proof that softer rock is definitely his calling.
Fans of Chris Drew will no doubt buy this album. And although it does have moments of merit for fans of Bring Me The Horizon and Steel Panther, it should still be avoided.


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