Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Behemoth's Nergal: Playing live is "like an orgasm"

Nergal, frontman of Polish death metal band Behemoth, has claimed that the feeling he gets when playing live fills him with energy and is "like an orgasm".

The frontman, who recovered from leukaemia last year, spoke to Metal Hammer and stated that it doesn't matter whether it's "45 minutes or 60 minutes, it's all worth all the boring times before the show". He then went on to say "it's like an orgasm. It's very difficult to define it but when you experience it, it's very special and very individual". He also stated that, despite getting this feeling from performing live, the touring itself leaves the band feeling "exhausted", "tired and lame".

The band are set to headline the Bloodstock festival this year, which will take place from August 10-12. The band will appear alongside the likes of Alice Cooper, Dimmu Borgir and Orange Goblin.

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